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Title: 勝者に捧ぐlove & peace! (shousha ni sasagu love & peace!)

Air date: April 16, 2017

Written by: Yuya Takahashi

Directed by: Satoshi Morota


ゲンム edit Stream



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cấp độ 1 · 5yHoly shit... Did we just use the second verse of a tuy nhiên on main series?!? We haven't done this since Decade! Hell yeah

22ReplyShareReportSavelevel 2 · 5yONORE DIKEIDOOO!8ReplyShareReportSavelevel 2 · 5y

I'm more interest in WHERE THE HELL IS THE OST SINGLE/CD I WANT THAT (/spoiler)

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level 2 · 5yBeing Emu is sufferingAnd the lyrics are very appropriate

2ReplyShareReportSavelevel 2 · 5yNeoooo!!!

Kuuga did this & I was totally uncomfortable with it. This doe....Straight fire

1ReplyShareReportSavelevel 1 · 5y

Parts of this episode were so goofy that I'm surprised that Dan didn't come back just khổng lồ shank someone.

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I, for one, am happy that we had a legit breather episode.

And it's not like shit didn't happen.

Taiga Development HOOOOOOOO!

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level 1 · 5yFinally Taiga development,motivation, backstory, và resolve is pack in one episode.

Ex-Aid is more a character driven story rather than a plot drivn story. A character study story man, when did the last time we got that.

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13ReplyShareReportSavelevel 2 · 5ysumthin2 ONORE

And we're not even stopping with that, Poppy's next!

5ReplyShareReportSavelevel 2 · 5yBeing Emu is suffering

A character study story man,


1ReplyShareReportSavelevel 1 · 5yRotM of the Month

Don't vì it emu, poppy's one big virus.You'll get ex-AIDS.

10ReplyShareReportSavelevel 2 · 5yPOTATO ARMS!!! KNIGHT OF DUAL SHIELD!! (sword is too mainstream)

To be fair, Emu himself is an infected for years. A little more won't hurt much.

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level 2 · 5yEmu is IMMUNE, he's the only one who can vì chưng it safely!

Go for it, Emu!

1ReplyShareReportSavelevel 1 · 5yNo. 1 Apollo Geist Kisser

One of the strongest episodes so far, imo! Nico và Taiga are the best unlicensed-doctor-and-adopted-daughter combo in Ex-Aid, the action was all super fun, và best of all, Nico didn't even thất bại her Rider abilities!

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I really hope the writers keep this father-and-daughter dynamic between them và don't try lớn force a romance out of it. The dynamic they've got right now is so adorable và seeing a Rider who's essentially now a single father is pretty unique.

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level 2 · 5yI'm pretty sure that they are the only unlicensed-doctor-and-adopted-daughter full bộ in Ex-Aid.

1ReplyShareReportSavelevel 1 · 5yBeing Emu is suffering

Nico & Taiga are so đáng yêu aaaaa

I lượt thích that Emu & Hiiro took a backseat và were bros for this ep too.

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Emu be tryna third wheel tho

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level 1 · 5yNeoooo!!!Can we phản hồi how awesome Nico gets her own Rider lượt thích Henshin?


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