This JPEG image compressor shrinks your images & photos to the smallest file kích cỡ and best quality possible.

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Allowed tệp tin formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF, WebP, SVG (max. 8 MiB)


State-Of-The-Art JPEG compression algorithmSeparated settings for luminance và chrominanceIndividual influence on the quantization tablesColor subsampling settingsSelective Blur preprocessingMetadata (EXIF, IPTC và ICC) RemovalAutomatic resolution conversion khổng lồ inches for better application supportClean color space conversion from CMYKConverts to standard màu sắc profile sRGB-IEC61966-2.1Gamma correction lớn 2.2Lossless auto-rotation based on EXIF meta dataAlpha channel supportSelective quality supportFuzzy whitespace trimmingSelection of quantization tablesCropping lớn 8 px gridFor the technical enthusiats: Uses imagemagick, mozjpeg, exiftran, exiftool, puppeteer & a lot of custom code.

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Why should I use this JPEG compressor?

If you work professionally with images and photos, they should be displayed with the best possible chất lượng and be as small as possible.

However, all other compressors hide the numerous adjustment possibilities (or its developers vì chưng not know the possibilities of the JPEG algorithm) that are necessary to get the best out of the images.Either they just compress each image with the same settings or they state that they use clever algorithms to lớn create the optimal image.

But what is the optimal image?How would they know what your subjective chất lượng requirements are for the image?Do you want lớn compress a anh hùng image or just any very low down on your website?Are you running a first-world stock photo agency site where you want the images to be of excellent quality, or a third-world emergency site where điện thoại speed is of the essence? do you want khổng lồ archive your images in high unique for later editing, or just send a meme/snapshot/screenshot via WhatsApp or email?

These are just a few examples of how many possible compression scenarios and use cases there are.Getting the most out of an image is therefore only possible with a preview of the result with maximum freedom in the settings.

ArticleFinally understanding JPEG


If you always wanted to lớn know how the JPEG compression works under the hood I want lớn recommend this article to lớn you. It was important lớn me khổng lồ write an article that is reasonable for every màn chơi of understanding.

Furthermore it contains 7 valuable tricks khổng lồ reduce the file kích thước of your JPEGs by exploiting the technical functionality of the JPEG compression algorithm.