we all know that both the songs are connected in some way, so let"s take a look at what they"ve become from what they were

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L Y R I C T H E O R Y:

I"m fine lyric video

The first lyric of Save Me:

"I want lớn breathe, I hate this night

I want khổng lồ wake up, I hate this night,

I am trapped inside myself and I"m dead

don"t wanna be lonely, just wanna be yours"

from these lyrics we can obviously tell that they"re to wrecked that they can"t sleep nor figure things out and just want their partner by their side,

The first lyric of I"m Fine:

"I xuất hiện my eyes under the cold xanh sky

the pouring sunlight makes me dizzy

I thua trận my breath & my heart pounds

I can easily feel that I"m alive"

Ok, so the first three lyrics were kinda misleading but it shows that they wake up just like they bởi vì in save me, but this time, they don"t feel lonely or broken, but feel "alive"

The second lyric of Save Me:

"Why is so dark where you aren"t here

its dangerous of how wrecked I am

Save me cuz I can"t get a grip on myself"

Seeing these anyone can tell how depressed they are that their loved one is so far away from them, that they feel so empty và everything isn"t making sense

The second lyric of I"m Fine:

"it"s okay even if its not us

even if sadness erases me

even if the đen clouds cover

even if I am in an endless dream"

see the transition? From going to lớn "I need you here or I can"t breathe" to lớn "it"s ok if you"re not here", showing how much they"ve grown up khổng lồ not feel broken anymore

The third lyric of Save Me:

"Listen to my heart beat, it"s calls for you whenever it wants to"

The third lyric of I"m Fine:

"my cold heart forgot how to gọi you anymore"

Pretty self explanatory, it"s lượt thích theyre trying to lớn tell that before they were so dependent on their partner their heart would long for them all the time, but now as time passed they"ve forgotten how lớn long for them anymore

The fourth lyric of of Save Me:

"Gimme your hand, save me save me

I need your love before I fall, fall"

showing that they"re too broken, and they need their parnter"s help lớn stand up or they"ll wreck completely

The fourth lyric of I"m Fine:

"I"m feeling just fine, fine, fine

I"ll let go of your hand now"

oof, did you see that? They went from how they were to broken và needed their loved one for support, but now they"ve grown up và can let go of their hand và still be strong

(also another thing I noticed, in save me, they were just repeating the same words "save me save me" As if they were already too broken lớn not process anything else, but now they say "I"m fine, I"m not gonna be sad anymore" and more showing that they have a new vision, they have gained strength to lớn not be bothered about this)

The fifth lyric of Save Me:

"today they black moon shines brighter

in the blank spot on my memories

it swallowed me, this lunatic

please save me tonight"

too wrecked to process anything, way to caught up in the belief of "I need you only to lớn save me" That this thought ate them up and now they"re acting on it forever

The fifth lyric of I"m Fine:

"I"m so fine, your so fine

all sorrows and wounds

now that they"ve become memories

let"s send them away with a smile"

one common thing, memories, before all they"re memories were the ones with their loved one, & they were too broken to lớn remember them, but now all of their sorrow that they had when remembering their partner became a memory itself và they have now made new ones, letting them go khổng lồ the past

The sixth lyric of Save Me:

"I know that your salvation is a part of my life và the only helping hand that will embrace my pain"

The only one they see when so many people ask lớn help them is, the one they lost, they think the only one who can save them is their partner only

The sixth lyric of I"m Fine:

"I"m just fine, all my pain I can overcome it by myself without you"

they no longer need them khổng lồ save them, they know themselves better now khổng lồ be able to protect và save themselves

The seventh lyric of Save Me:

"I"m scared of this dream, gimme your hand save me save me"

again, too broken lớn process anything và blinded by the others love lớn be in this state when their gone

The seventh lyric of I"m Fine:

"I"m not afraid anymore, I"m fine fine fine"

now they can see clearly lớn not be affected when the other isn"t there, they"re no longer afraid if the pain, but can now help themselves

The last lyric of Save Me:

"Gimme your hand save me save me, I need your love before I fall, fall"

I"m not gonna explain this cuz this repetitive and has been explained before (hope that"s ok)

The last lyric of I"m Fine:

"even if I fall again, I"m ok, I"m fine"

they know how to pick themselves up, they don"t need their other khổng lồ be there for them all the time, cuz now they have been awoken, can see the real world, and can khuyến mãi with it themselves.


A N A L Y S I S:

Concluding all this, I can tell, that what they were trying to lớn show was that how they"ve become so strong from once being so dependent on the one they loved, some of these lyrics also hold the meaning that they know themselves better now, they can see how they were và can now take kích hoạt themselves

I think this whole plot was based on the word "transition" See how they"re lyrics change so drastically và become the total opposite of the ones before?

SAVE ME: I cant live without you

I"M FINE: I can live without you


I hope you enjoyed reading this blog, please vị tell in the comments about your thoughts và if you disagree with anything I said then feel miễn phí to discuss in the comments! Love ya! :heart: