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Exercises of English Grammar in use - Grade 9 1.

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I (not see) him since last Christmas. 2. We (go) to Vung Tau several times. 3. He already (write) lớn his parents. 4. Lien (not prepare) . Her lessons yet. GV: Trieu Thi Kim Thong thcs Tien Kien– 5. They just (receive) .a package from their grandfather. 6. Miss Huong (teach) us English for 2 years. 7 .she (feed) .her dog yet? 8. We never (take) . A bus khổng lồ school before. 9. Next week, my uncle (come) .back home for Christmas. 10. My teacher is explaining the lesson but I (not understand) .what he is saying. 11. Lan (be) my next door neighbor when I lived in nhì Phong. 12. They usually (go) .fishing at weekends. 13. I (see) a movie tonight. Would you lượt thích (come) 14. I prefer (walk) khổng lồ (go) by bike. 15. Don’t (make) noise. The baby (sleep) . 6. I don’t know where the Sao Mai movie (be) . 17. Her mother (give) her a new novel yesterday. 18. Tía can’t play soccer tomorrow. He (do) his homework. 19. When I (be) .young. I usually (play) with a kite. 20. My mother is interested in (cook) . And she (cook) .very well. 21. The 22 nd SEA Games (take) . Place in my country two years ago. 22. They stopped (talk) when the teacher came in. 23. It (rain) _heavily now. 24. I (live) with my parents until I went to hồ chí minh city. 25. I hope that he (win) . The race. 26. She (do) her homework recently. 27. They (not hand) .in their essay yet. 28. It is not safe (leave) .medicine around the house. 29. I want (come) with my mother. 30. In my country. Children (have to) wear uniform when they go khổng lồ school. 31. You (meet) .the new student yet? 32. I (lose) .my handbag yesterday. 33. Going shopping (be) .very interesting. 34. She already (finish) her homework. 35. My sister (get) .married next month.

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36. Tomorrow (be) .Sunday. What . You (do) .? 37. The concert this evening (start) .at 8 o’clock. 38. I (wait) .for her since half past six. 39. Vì you think the population of the world (rise) very fast? 40. In 2030, every one (study) at home using computer. 41. He (fall) asleep while he was watching TV. 42. I enjoy (play) .soccer after school. 43. Don’t worry! She (come) .back in a few minutes. 44. Phái mạnh (talk) with her many times. 45. It (rain) .when I (wake up) . 46. I (see) an accident while I (drive) .to my office. 47. She (be) happy since she had a computer. 48. They (build) .that building for two years. 49. We often (go) .skiing in winter. 50. At the moment, she (read) . In the library. 51. It’s a lovely day. The sun (shine) và the birds (sing) 52. What she usually (do) .in the evening? 53. They’re going to have a buổi tiệc nhỏ tonight. They (have) . Sandwiches & (drink) champagne. 54. My brother (be) .15 years old next Sunday. 55. We (have) .some friends to lớn lunch tomorrow. 56. My father often (drink) tea after breakfast. 57. The film wasn t’ very good. I (not enjoy) it very …………… much. 58. When I (see) you yesterday, you (sit) . In a cafe. 59. He wishes he (be) & acrobat. 60. The show just (begin) . You are a bit late. 61.There (be) .no rain here for 6 months. 62. I (read) . The book you gave me all day, but I (not finish) .it yet. 63. Mary (sew) . The dress for me a week ago. 64. When Peter was young, he (like) to drink coffee. 65. My younger brother (study) his lesson at the moment. WEEK 8 A2 . Half past six. 39. Bởi you think the population of the world (rise) very fast? 40. In 2030, every one (study) at. (take) . A bus khổng lồ school before. 9. Next week, my uncle (come) .back