Many trang web owners will have come across the “500 Internal hệ thống Error” at some point in time. While this isn’t a very archaic error message, the more significant problem is that it may arise from many potential problems.

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Thankfully, where PHP is concerned, the error is very specific – an inability to lớn connect a request khổng lồ the PHP script in question. For example, if a website visitor attempts to view a page and the connection times out, this error message will be displayed.

Resolving “500 Internal hệ thống Error” While Running PHP

Although the root issue is known, what exactly is causing the connection to timeout can vary. Here are some of the more common methods to lớn resolve this problem.

1. Reload or Refresh the Page

On occasion, the timeout may occur sporadically. Attempt khổng lồ refresh the page a few times – if the web page can load at least once, an overloaded vps likely causes the error.

Websites require resources lớn serve nội dung to visitors. If your hệ thống lacks the resources to process the current volume of website traffic, you may see this error cropping up. To verify this, launch your SPanel dashboard & use the “Server Status” liên kết to kiểm tra resource usage trends.


If your hệ thống is consuming many resources, provisioning for more will likely resolve your 500 Internal server Error.

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2. Kiểm tra File Permissions

Another possibility is that the incorrect permissions have been set on the PHP file, causing the error. Verifying this will require you khổng lồ connect to lớn your hệ thống terminal (See “Connect khổng lồ my vps with SSH”) and check log files.

Your log files will generally be located in “/usr/local/apache/logs/error_log”

If you chú ý messages on “SoftException in Application,” the error message is likely caused by incorrect file permission settings. To lớn resolve this, change the permissions for the related PHP file using the file Manager tool in SPanel.

3. Kiểm tra .htaccess Code

In some cases, the “500 Internal vps Error” may be caused by specific instructions phối in your .htaccess file. This file provides high-level web server configurations. Both you và some web applications may amend the file, potentially causing errors.

It is advisable lớn move all PHP-specific instructions out of the .htaccess file và into php.ini. The php.ini file is a custom configuration tệp tin that you can build for individual applications requiring PHP lớn run.